Lynnae Gryffin is a Portland songwriter and performer. Previously, as bass player for garage rock band Summer Cannibals, Gryffin shared stages with a wide range of artists including Chvrches, the Black Lips,  and Sallie Ford. After leaving Summer Cannibals in 2014, Gryffin recorded and slowly produced an EP, due for release September 2016. 

The Information EP was recorded in January, 2015 and includes Mike Grippi (bass), Christopher Johnedis (drums), and Jeff Evans (drums), with engineering and production by Adam Lee (Jackpot Studios). Carefully pieced together, the project reflects a stylistic and thematic departure for Gryffin, highlighting her synthesis of texture, rock 'n' roll, and exploratory form.

Gryffin's debut album, Abigail (2011) is loosely conceptual, centered around the visceral experience of loss moving through the body. The story is fractured, and told from multiple perspectives. The sparse arrangements center around Gryffin's layered vocal ideas, and angular guitar. The album was self-recorded by Gryffin, and engineered with the expertise of Paul Laxer (Typhoon). The title track Abigail iii was featured on the PDX POP! NOW 2012 Compilation.

"Of the most hypnotizing order, Portland, Or.‘s Lynnae Gryffin creates songs that are almost not songs, but instead long walks through woodland folklore. It’s something ancient and indirect. Amazing (and brilliantly odd) ambient guitar work mixes with a voice that is as much wise scholar as it is child-like wonder." –Joshua James, Antiquated Future


Photography by David Bryan and Mike Grippi